Boracay White Beach Clean-up

Boracay White Beach Clean-up   Recently some of the Paradise English teachers and students joined the Nonie’s team for their monthly Beach clean up. Nonie’s is a great restaurant on the Island, which serves delicious nutritious food, and all their ingredients are locally sourced from the Philippines.The best English School and the best healthy restaurant […]

3 Tips on How to Learn English (cont.)

3 Tips on How to Learn English (cont.) This is the second part of 3 TIPS ON HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH by STEVE ALCORAN, who is an English teacher at Paradise English on the beautiful Island of Boracay in the Philippines.We hope you enjoyed the first part  and are happy to see you back.  2. The second […]


學習英語3秘訣 此部落格是由在美麗的菲律賓教授英語的教師STEVE ALCORAN所經營,我們將推出如何以簡單有趣的方式學習英語的系列文章。Paradise English的教師們將在此分享學習英語的小秘訣,教師們將用其自身教導母語非英語的學生們的經驗,提供大家提升英語會話技巧、簡單快速學習英語或如何充滿自信地說英語等小秘訣。 每日一單字+學習慾望+圖像 每當我們學習新事物的時候,看起來都像不可能的任務,那麼要如何讓自己保持學習慾望呢?如果你不想像自己成功的畫面,你的精力可能被耗盡並且漸漸失去熱忱,然後一切將變得比原本想像的更加困難。 首先,不要忘記自己想像的畫面。也許你不相信,但是想像自己說著一口流利的英語和他人交談,將是強而有力的圖像,如果你還未曾想像過這樣的畫面,那麼現在正是時候建立圖像! 1. 建立圖像 你需要建立一個正向積極的圖像,例如使用英語認識新朋友,想像自己身處國外的社交場合,在咖啡廳、餐廳或酒吧和一群人一起談笑著;或是想像在一場商業會議中,你憑藉著優秀的英語技巧而成就了一筆大交易。只要是你認為可以成為學習英語的好處,都應該放進你想像的藍圖中。 旅遊、社交或商業用途等,都能成為學習英語的動力,在腦中想像自己努力過後而獲得的成果是個強而有力的方法,許多成功人士也都使用此方式,來幫助自己達成目標。 追蹤我們的blog及FB page來獲取其他兩項學習英語的秘訣喔!

Journey from Boracay to Sagada

Journey from Boracay to Sagada In the 9 years I have resided in the Philippines I have never felt cold, save for the times I have spent in buses, airplanes and shopping malls when the A/C has been full on. I have often longed for those Autumnal months in England that I happily escaped from […]

First impression

First impression   First impression doesn’t last By Ayako Do you know how long it takes to determine a first impression? I saw some articles before. The articles said, “…it takes only 10 seconds…” So I think we determine it after we say, “Nice to meet you.” The articles also said after the first impression […]

Naranjo and Malumpati Saturday Fun Activity

Naranjo and Malumpati Saturday Fun Activity   By Wilter Sunico and Louise Almelor   Are you annoyed with the smoggy smokes and the long queue of cars caused by traffic jam in a busy city? Are you stressed out because of your hectic schedule? Do you want to dip your body in a deep turquoise […]

Paradise English students join Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival…Again

Paradise English students join Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival…Again By Elle Quevedo, March 9, 2017 Boracay Island, Aklan – Boom! Boom! Boom! Loud and non-stop rhythmic beats of the relentless drums and lyres spilled all over the streets of Kalibo, Aklan on one Saturday. Rain or shine, the parade continued! Colorful indigenous costumes worn by locals, and intricate […]


BORACAY TOP RESTAURANTS REVIEW   There are many nice and not so nice restaurants in Boracay. To make your choice a little easier our students share their Boracay top restaurants review.   Aria A classic Italian restaurant that is even recommended by Westerners. The pasta is cooked to perfection and called ‘Al dante’ which describes […]

A Trip to Tibiao, Antique. Saturday activities

A Trip to Tibiao, Antique. Saturday activities   By Rodel J. Abalus What happens if you put people, a “jeepney,” coconuts, mountains, a 7 tiered waterfall, nature, flowers, children, adults, and “kawa” together and “cook”?   You’ve been in Boracay Island for quite some time, you’ve strolled all the places that can be strolled, you’ve studied […]