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Paradise English

The Best English School In The Philippines

At Paradise English, there are lots of different programs for you to enjoy, come out and see us.

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We were just awarded the Best Language school in the Philippines by the South East Asia Business Awards 2023.

Paradise English is a Canadian family-owned English Language center offering English courses in the Philippines on the Island of Boracay. It was established in 2005 and has grown at a rapid pace since its inception. Students from over 70 countries have attended our programs and more continue to join us each year. We firmly believe with our Canadian, Filipino, British and American teachers, we offer superior English Courses to our students at a price lower than any other language school in Canada, Australia or the US, and at a higher level of education than any language school in the Philippines.

We are an accredited school with the Bureau of Immigration, Association of Accredited Schools in the Philippines and are affiliated with the British Council and Ascentis. Paradise English is proud to have been awarded the Student’s Choice Award by Language Bookings and the Customer Satisfaction Excellence Award by Language Course.

Taking English courses in the Philippines, especially on a tropical island, makes us like no other language school anywhere else in the world. The presence of a strong international community and a wide selection of interesting off-campus activities complement our push towards fun in learning, in a location that was repeatedly ranked the world’s best island, and voted the world’s best Asian beach numerous times!

Our Mission

Paradise English enhances your language skills and prepares you for an exciting, adventurous life by achieving fluency in English. We assist you in achieving your goals and reaching your full potential.

Our vision

We envision Paradise English as the top destination choice in the Philippines, for students seeking personal and career improvement in English Language

Our core service principles

Experience the best treatment like no other


Paradise English conducts carefully chosen English courses with quality topics in real time and real life. We set the stage for you to learn today so you are prepared to use your new English language when you leave the classroom. Paradise English has many opportunities for you to study in: group classes, one-on-one tutorials, cultural shows and many indoor and outdoor activities. Use the language skills you learn in the classroom when meeting people from a variety of countries the same day!


Paradise English offers English courses in a family-like environment. We care for our students like family. Feel at ease in the presence of administrators, teachers and support staff that deliver excellent service to complement your learning experience. 

We assure you of learning in an environment that is fair, firm and friendly.


Paradise English offers English courses that promote collaborative learning. Increase your learning not only by listening to the lessons or answering textbook exercises but also by establishing educational conversations through classroom and social interaction with your classmates and mentors.

Make new friends from all parts of the globe in one of the most captivating places on earth!


Paradise English integrates fun in learning. Our location allows us to offer the best environment conducive to learning, where language skills are acquired and improved as tropical island adventures and inter-cultural activities fully complement the learning process. 

At Paradise English, English courses are never boring!