Welcome to Paradise!

Welcome to paradise! A warm greeting I could utter to the new and returning students of Paradise English a few weeks from now. The island paradise called Boracay is set to reopen on the 26th of October this year. I can see how refreshed I am from my six-month hiatus by then. Apparently, it is not only me that is revitalized but my island home as well. After the island rehabilitation, the beach is surely pristine again- ideal for swimming, jogging, walking and relaxing while watching the sundown and enjoying good conversations with your favorite drink in your hand. As a nature-loving person, I am yearning to see the picturesque sunset that utterly calms me down and the sunrise that never fails to lift my spirit. Despite the news that the island would no longer host big parties like Laboracay, I still feel ecstatic since it will not drastically change the island’s ambience anyway. Boracay had thrived for long even before it and the people obviously admire the beauty of the island and the hospitality of the locals instead of it. It has also been reported that the government will heightened the prohibition to drink, smoke and litter on the beach. The best news is, banning the use of plastic when buying goods in the market has been imposed recently. Having been informed about this imminent change, it is so plausible to say that the island is indeed a paradise. (As of writing, though, the road work is still ongoing but given the good weather and proper planning and execution, the project will be completed on time.)

So, I wonder who would not be enticed by the things I have just mentioned. Who would not feel nostalgic when they look back to their fond memories while studying at the best English language school in the Philippines? Unbelievable! How come it is the best when it is, in fact, a growing school? Paradise English has a diverse group of students coming from different countries. This advantage allows you to learn not only a new language but different culture, belief and principles in life. Students can make friends with people from all walks of life, create amazing memories with them and even reunite in other countries when they have the opportunity to do so.  Paradise English has very vivacious, experienced, kind and helpful teachers. The one on one teachers are super friendly that they could even be your confidant and friend that you have always dreamed of. The group class teachers are very competitive and approachable. Most of all, Paradise English is not only a school but a family you can have away from home.

Choosing to visit Boracay and study at Paradise English is an experience of a lifetime. Hard to believe? See it for yourself. See you soon! Mabuhay!

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