Paradise English was founded on Boracay!

It all started simply enough with my wife and I arriving on the island after having worked for the last three and a half years in Ulsan, South Korea.  We had many past students who joined us in our new endeavor and made the transition much easier.
At that time, we had one staff member, Penny, who was our nanny and all around helper! It was fun teaching in a bamboo and wooden school building. Things weren’t always busy but that was ok. We enjoyed the island experience and owning our own business.
Things were going well until December of 2006 which was the day, we finished building our first house. Coming from Canada, we thought building a mix of native and Canadian style house would be a great idea, embracing our new home and yet still having our traditions reflected. Not a good idea, as that night Typhoon Frank ripped apart everything, including most of our school roof, drenching everything including our newly painted house.
With thoughts of leaving and returning to Canada earlier than planned, we decided to rebuild and start anew. It was difficult starting again with a lot less of our savings. After repairing and replacing everything, which was in February 2007, we started growing rapidly, gathering teachers, students and support staff.
Since then what started as a small family run language school has become a school with students from over 60 countries and more than 30 staff
We pride ourselves in making all our students feel like they are part of our Paradise English family, learning and experiencing a language experience like no other in the Philippines.
Let’s study English together and experience a life changing adventure with experienced teachers who truly care about your English language learning experience.
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