Paradise English

Our History


Almost 14 years ago my family moved to Boracay because a vacation in 2002 had left a lasting impression on us. We just had to come back and so we did.  We planned to live on Boracay for 1 or 2 years before moving back to Canada and now almost 14 years later we still love living here.

It is always difficult choosing how to make a living in a foreign country. Being language teachers previously, we started Paradise English an English Language tutorial center on the island in 2005. Fortunately for us English has become the International language to communicate in.

Boracay offers visitors so many options and we decided to add a different kind of service for residents as well as visitors who wish to study and enjoy our paradise on all levels.

The beginning was slow like all new businesses but with the help of friends we managed to grow into a school we are now proud to own.  Since our start we have received many accolades and awards from International agencies and national organizations.

In 2009 we moved our school to our new campus in Cagban and share a campus with the Boracay European International School. The two schools offer Boracay an international educational campus like no other on Boracay. We have a fantastic campus overlooking the Tabon Straight and Sibuyan Sea.

Since its start Paradise English has taught students from over 60 countries including people from Asia, Europe and even South America.

Boracay is so diverse which allows students to not only enjoy the Filipino culture but also international cultures. Visitors and students learn from each other in and outside of the classroom. A perfect blend of language instruction and paradise living.

Boracay has an amazingly diverse community, a unique melting pot of international and local citizens, with people from all over the world sharing cultures and flavours to satisfy any craving and budget. I no longer have a favourite restaurant as there are too many to choose from and all serving the best of their kind.  We enjoy flavours from Morocco, India, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Germany to name a few but also local flavours of the Philippines.

Today, almost 14 years later we still love sharing our love of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE with students from all around the world.

Make this year the year you learn English at Paradise English Boracay.

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