By: Wilter A. Sunico

Tick tock……. It’s fast approaching!!!!

Almost six months ago when the news circulated and shocked people round the world when the President called Boracay “a cesspool” and mandated to its forced closure to rehabilitate. Many agreed to let the island heal from the wounds of people’s wrong doings and modernization yet, many objected for loss of work, business and future. Now, almost a month before its reopening, has the island healed and found reasons to welcome visitors once again? Or the island has suffered subsequently as it thrived to help millions and needs longer time before it can cater tourists? How about people? What will happen to businesses? What will happen to PARADISE ENGLISH?

Worry less, that’s the right term to call it. No one can forge a better Boracay in just a snap of our fingers. It’s a process, takes time but worth every second you count. But the questions are: Are you ready for Boracay version 2.0? Are you ready as the island reclaims the term “Paradise”?

Imagine the scenic powdery white sand beach stretching on the coasts, it offers alluring beauty as you get away from the busy cities and stressful work. Its turquoise-colored water invites you to wear your swimming clothes and flaunt sexiness as you bathe in its crystal clear water while getting rid of weariness and pangs of the world. Don’t forget the picturesque sunset painted on the sky. The play of hues which creates a majestic masterpiece is a good view to contemplate and love nature’s wonder. At night, it’s lovelier than your ex’s broken promises. Lively bars and clubs are open to entice you to get wasted and party like you haven’t done it in your life, ever! But, if you’re not that kind of a party person, the peaceful front beach is a perfect haven for you. Its ambiance is good for lovers who seek solemn and quiet night, or for people who value solitude, or for those who just want to relax while listening to mellow music from the bands. Of course, you will never get hungry if you’re on the island. Restaurants are scattered everywhere, from fast food to cheap local restaurants and high class restaurants, you name it, we have cuisines that suit your taste. Accommodation is not a problem also. We got hotels all over the island. Gym, basketball courts, golf course, shopping mall, movie theater, adventures like diving, snorkeling, sailing, banana boating, island hopping, and more are also available on the island. Of course, venturing the mainland if you seek for waterfalls, cold springs, mountains and its nearby islands is a recommendation while on Boracay. And the list goes on……

Reading the above mentioned sounds cool, right? These are just some perks you can experience when you study at PARADISE ENGLISH, the best school to study English while enjoying your vacay on a world-class island. PARADISE ENGLISH stands unmoved amidst the closure. Actually, we held our Summer Camp for the first time in Puerto Galera, another tourist destination here in the Philippines. And now, we’re home!!! We will operate as the island opens. Ready to serve you with a high quality English teaching-learning with its highly motivated and well-skilled teachers who are also your friend and family while away from your loved ones. The facilities are complete so as the admin and everyone. We are just waiting for you.

Tick tock….…. What are you waiting for? Don’t waste a second and book your English course now, then your flight, and study with the best here at PARADISE ENGLISH, your school-home on Boracay Island!!!