Paradise English, a haven for English language learners and adventure seekers alike

Paradise English is a haven for English language learners and adventure seekers alike. This school offers a language education in a fun and exciting environment which is the island of Boracay. This is just one of the many good reasons why Paradise English is different than any other language schools in the Philippines.

Paradise English caters to a lot of people from different countries with diverse cultural backgrounds. Our students are from Belgium, France, Columbia, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, China, Korea, Taiwan and many more – which make it a paradise for people who want to learn the language while building lasting friendships, crossing barriers and going beyond their limits. The teachers use modern techniques and customized styles of teaching. We’ve designed activities for the students to showcase their skills and to maximize language learning such as the International Cooking Day/Potluck Party every Wednesday, Saturday Activities, etc. This school has been operating for more than 10 years now and has gained a strong following. When we decided to take the school to another island (Puerto Galera) because of the Boracay closure, our students willingly journeyed with us. We did our best to give them the total experience using the resources we had and made their stay a memorable one!

And now that Boracay is opening soon, Paradise English is excited to show you the new Boracay – more breathtaking and beautiful than it has ever been. You will have the time of your lives if you choose to join us learning and enjoying the unparalleled beauty of blue skies, clear waters and sunset! We promise to provide you the best experience you could ever imagine. So, are you looking for a fun and educational adventure? Pack your bags and come to us because we’ve got you covered!