How to Learn English Fast. Fun with adjectives

by Steve

You don’t always need text books and English teachers and colleagues around you to learn English fast and have fun. Much of your learning comes from your desire or rather your desire is what drives you to learn and gives you the energy and capacity to learn.
This week we are looking at playing with adjectives


This week we are looking at playing with adjectives.

So why do we use adjectives? I am sure you are using them constantly in your language, because sometimes it is not enough to use the noun on its own. We need or want to describe the noun.

The adjective + noun

  1. The blue noun
  2. The tall noun 
  3. The fast noun 

As you will see the 3 examples use a different type of adjective.

1 is adjective of colour
2 adjective of height, measurement or size,
3 is adjective of speed.

Let’s put them together

The fast, blue, tall noun . 

If we replace the ‘ noun ‘ with a real noun.
Let’s use ‘ bird ‘

The tall, blue, fast bird.

Although I have never seen a tall blue fast bird, it gives you an example.

While you are traveling or you have nothing to do, consider different types of adjectives
For example, adjectives of age – old, young; time – late, early;  emotion – angry, worried, happy; check out some more.

Look at people and objects and describe them using some of the different types of adjectives.

Your task is to find 3 adjectives for each person or object you Look at.

Example: The short, slim handsome man.
                   The large clean blue bus
                   The old brown cute dog

You can do this !

Pick 10 things and for each thing find 3 adjectives .

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