Tips How To Learn English. How to Spell Your Name Like a Pilot

by Steve

This is a quick tip this week.
Sometimes when you try to spell your name or perhaps when you try to spell anything, the pronunciation can cause problems to the listener.
We don’t always know when we are miss pronouncing a letter, but there is something to assist you, something that is universally known. 

Spell Like a Pilot

The following aid is used by pilots, whilst communicating with air traffic control. People all around the world use this for various reasons and is used because radio communication can cause problems due to a bad signal or even pronunciation in addition to a bad signal. 
I recommend that you learn the following 

A for Alpha
B for Bravo
C for Charlie
D for Delta
E for Echo
F for Foxtrot
G for Golf
H for Hotel
I for India
J for Juliet
K for Kilo
L for Lima
M for Mike
N for November
O for Oscar
P for Papa
Q for Quebec
R for Romeo
S for Sierra
T for Tango
U for Uniform
V for Victor
W for Whiskey
X for X-ray
Y for Yankee
Z for Zulu

This method of communicating letters and contributing to the spelling of words has been used for many years by people involved in radio communication, it prevents misunderstanding.
So see if you can learn these and it will help you in your communication. Follow our blog and FB page to get more English learning tips.