Study English Playing Fun and Interesting Games

by Steve

It is important to make learning English fun, what ever the topic.
The English language has many opportunities to have fun.
At Paradise English we often use games as a method of learning. You would be surprised how much you learn in a more light hearted environment.

Countable and Uncountable Nouns Game

This game is about countable and uncountable nouns and is more effective whilst playing with someone else.

First of all, 
We don’t say
3 salt
2 wood        NO!
5 oats
These are uncountable nouns

We would say
5 cups
4 shirts      YES!
6 eggs
These are countable nouns

So write a list of nouns about 20, cut them out from the paper as individual words.
Then write some numbers and also some words like many, much, some, a few, cut these out as individual words as well.

Face these upside down on a table and you and your friend can see how many matches you can make take turns in turning them over and if they match, you have a pair 

3 / hats = a pair
Some /sugar is also a pair
Many/ sugar is not a pair 

You will need to have many words such as ‘ Some ‘ as this is the most common word to describe uncountable nouns.

Enjoy the game!
Study English and have fun

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