3 Tips on How to Learn English

With this blog by STEVE ALCORAN, who is an English teacher at Paradise English on the beautiful Island of Boracay in the Philippines, we have started a series of blog posts on how to learn English in an easy and interesting way.
Teachers from Paradise English will share their tips on how you can improve your speaking, learning English fast and easy,feeling confident when speaking English, based on their experience, teaching English to students from all around the world and from almost any age.

A Verb a Day Plus Desire Plus the Picture

When you begin to learn anything, the task seems insurmountable. So how do you keep your desire to learn intact?
If you lose sight of that picture you have of yourself succeeding, it can drain your energy and slowly you lose enthusiasm, and it all becomes more difficult or harder than you originally imagined.

First of all never lose sight of that picture you have. Believe it or not the picture you have of yourself speaking English to others is a very powerful picture. If you do not have that picture, then it is time to create one.

1. Create a Picture

The picture is a positive image of you communicating in English with new friends, picture your self in another country, in a social situation where you are laughing in some cafe or restaurant or bar with people around you. If not a social situation, how about a business meeting, you could imagine or picture yourself having signed a big deal that is partly due to your English skills. What ever you feel the benefits are of learning English, that should be the picture.

Travelling, socializing or business are all good reasons to want to improve your English speaking skills. The powerful method of using a picture in your mind as the end result of your hard work is a very useful tool and one that all successful people use when setting their goals in any endeavour.

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