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Study in Paradise English was a great experience. Be back here to do my internship is a wonderful opportunity. Thank you for everything!

Andrea (France) | 31.08.2006

I still can’t believe this beautiful place and nice teachers and good people. I never forget great memories!

Rene (Korea) | 15.10.2008

You’re such awesome. I am going to miss you!

Anja (Switzerland) | 11.02.2013

I enjoyed studying in Paradise English School. Thank you for the nice time. 🙂

Marina (Switzerland) | 05.05.2014

Thank you very much to all PE teachers and the whole team from paradise english school! It was a lot of fun to improve my english at this school for 2 weeks! To study with many students from everywhere around the world was a wonderful expirience.

Sabine (Germany) | 05.12.2014

Paradise English! Study with the Best.. Sure? Yes! It is true. The teachers are very good & I think maybe the best! I love Paradise English. Thank you.

Sera (Korea) | 02.04.2015

I enjoyed the place and the school!

Rafael (Spain) | 28.06.2015

I improved a lot with PE. Thank you!

David (France) | 28.08.2016

It has been a pleasure studying in Paradise English for one month. Thanks everyone! Keep on smiling!

David (Switzerland) | 12.10.2016

Great experience, fantastic teachers, lovely classmates and amazing island: studing english in Paradise English is one of the best things I did! Thank you all!

Alessandro (Italy) | 28.11.2016