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Boracay new year fireworks

С Новым Годом и Рождеством!

Последние места в зимнем языковом лагере для детей. Присоединяйтесь к нас со своими детьми или подскажите своим знакомым как можно сделать новогодние праздники более яркими и теплыми с Paradise English

Хорошей недели и приятных занятий в изучении новых слов:


Paradise English Boracay offers winter camp program (January 3 – February 23, 2018) which runs from 1 to 12 weeks and is designed for students between ages 7-14 wanting to improve their English language skills while enjoying the winter break in their countries.
Programs start from as low as $445 per week (without accommodation) and $550 per week all inclusive.


The mix of students coming from countries such as Switzerland, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the Philippines was so diverse and it was such a joy to see these little strangers become friends and interact with each other using English!



BlogHow to learn EnglishSimple blog post
by Jerold and Catleya  Reading is one of the four macro skills that is necessary for effective communication. People read for a myriad of reasons. Why Do People Read? Some read to acquire essential information and discover new knowledge, some read to find pleasure and pass the time and some read to find a new...
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Recently some of the Paradise English teachers and students joined the Nonie’s team for their monthly Beach clean up. Nonie’s is a great restaurant on the Island, which serves delicious nutritious food, and all their ingredients are locally sourced from the Philippines. The best English School and the best healthy restaurant on Boracay make beach...
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Louise Almelor Социальные сети для изучения английского языка Сегодня Интернет является отличным источником информации для людей, которые хотят изучать английский. В последнее время популярны сайты социальных сетей, такие как Facebook, Instagram и Twitter. Например, существует множество идей по изучению английского, начиная от уроков на YouTube и заканчивая бесплатной информацией, касающейся частей речи, правил грамматики и...
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They say the best way to learn a language is move to a country or place that only speaks that language, however that is not always possible due to life commitments. Therefore, an alternative solution would be to surround yourself with as much of that language as possible, in this instance English. Lee Dray Here...
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This is the second part of 3 TIPS ON HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH by STEVE ALCORAN, who is an English teacher at Paradise English on the beautiful Island of Boracay in the Philippines. We hope you enjoyed the first part  and are happy to see you back.  2. The second tip is from Confucius ( the Chinese...


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Boracay is so beautiful, so I think it was a very good choice to come to Boracay and Paradise English is very good and has friendly teachers, good people , delicious food and exciting activities.. 

Joey (Korea) | 18.09.2017

Many thanks to all PE teachers and the whole team from the paradise school of English! It was very fun to improve my English at this school for 2 weeks! Learning from many students from all over the world was a wonderful experience.

Mary | 18.08.2017

Really good school and very nice people!

Caterina (Italy) | 08.06.2017

I love everything here except sometimes when the wifi was dead. I felt upset, but my overall impression for the school is very good

Pat (Taiwan) | 22.04.2017

Excellent experience, fantastic teachers, wonderful classmates and an amazing island: learning English in Paradise English is one of the best things I’ve done! Thank you all!

Helen | 18.04.2017

The personals are nice and the activities are very interesting, I will never forget my stay in this school. Congrulations!

Yohan (Canada) | 27.03.2017