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Over the past 15 years, Paradise English has taught English to thousands of students who have visited us from around the world. Now, Paradise English comes to you!

Learn effectively with our experienced and dynamic English teachers from Canada, the UK and the Philippines. Connect with the perfect tutors who have been teaching in our classrooms for years. Practice English conversation, grammar, vocabulary and listening skills.

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Reservations let you book classes with your favorite tutors, so you always get the tutor you want at the time you want.

All of our classes are 25-minute, 1-on-1, live English classes using our proven materials to suit your current level and interests.

We offer classes at affordable prices starting from just $8.50 USD per 25-minute session. Click here for pricing

Let’s use this time to make a positive change in our lives and learn English with the same teachers, using the same great curriculum that has made us the #1 language school in the Philippines year after year. 

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