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President and Founder of Paradise English Boracay, Canada

私はこれからParadise Englishに来る生徒と、Paradise English farmilyにこの機会を利用してほしい。私はたくさんの国で教えた経験と生徒との時間を恩恵と栄誉に思っています。たくさんの生徒が深い洞察力と理解をくれ、彼らの事だけではなく文化を知れたことはとても大きなことです。そして私たちは60ヵ国を超える生徒を受け入れていることを誇りに思っています。

Group class teacher, United Kingdom

My teaching journey over the last 10 years in Asia has finally bought me to this Wonderful school ‘ Paradise English’. My natural philosophy is to have students enjoy their English learning experience whilst in a relaxed and friendly environment. The challenge is to take the stress out of learning. As head teacher here at Paradise English my aim is to continue and build on what has already been achieved over the last 10 years — quality teaching with enthusiasm, encouraging confidence in the students’ ability to communicate using the English language.

Hannah Thompson

As a summer camp leader for the past 8 years, I enjoy seeing kids grow and mature. Making them laugh and smile while learning is my goal. I believe that creating a friendly and enjoyable environment, where everyone can be comfortable is an important part of any learning community. I look forward to seeing each student who comes in and enjoying plenty of laughs together while making unforgettable memories!

Teacher, UK / South Africa

Teaching at Paradise English has been a very rewarding experience, I love meeting all the students from around the world, that pass through our doors. Each and every day is an opportunity to learn something new and I firmly believe knowledge is power. I look forward to meeting you and not only enhancing your English skills but learning from you. 

One to One teacher, IELTS/TOEFL Coach, Philippines

The main reason why I choose to teach is the fact that there is so much to learn from it. I believe that teaching does not only come from books but from the experience and the students as well. Being a teacher enables me to keep learning and gain understanding on different people and cultures. As it is said, “A good teacher is a good student”.

Group class teacher, USA / Philippines

I lived in the United States for over 15 years. I worked in the Fashion Industry in NYC for the whole time I was there. I had built my life in the US, but the call from the motherland was fairly strong. Living on Boracay Island is an everyday adventure, and that is how I found Paradise English. I was in-house trained by the best to cater learning to the coolest ESL students from all over the globe.

One to One teacher, Philippines

To teach is to touch a life forever! It is something life long and means service to others. I always want to make sure that each day matters for my students because they matter. They’re what teaching means to me.

One to One teacher, Philippines

I have been teaching for more than two years now and I’m still enjoying it. I have that same enthusiasm and each class still feels like the first time. It’s fascinating to meet people from different countries. It widens my perspective of the world. I am passionate about teaching for this is what I love and enjoy doing. I always encourage students to think beyond their normal boundaries and paradigms and broaden their horizons.


In teaching you do not only need to be a professional, you also need to have a heart for it. I share my knowledge and experience with my wonderful students. I help my students and encourage them to be globally-competitive English speakers.


Teaching is a noble activity (a noble profession) therefore, it entails huge responsibility. Teaching then is a difficult task. But then since things start with thinking, (+feeling+doing), by enabling one’s thinking to focus on truly caring/truly loving, teaching can lead to a better society, and a better world.


The teaching opportunity I have with my students is highly enriching and fulfilling. I am a teacher and at the same time a student; I learn as much as they learn from me. Seeing the students improve and progress with their English skills is very rewarding. Not only does it awaken a sense of purpose inme, it is also a reminder that learning does not stop in the four corners of the classroom, but every moment of every day presents a new opportunity to grow and learn.


Teaching is the most noble profession of all, I must say. It always gives us satisfaction to teach and motivate our students to learn. They’re actually like flowers that we need to water with the knowledge to grow. But teaching is not only about imparting knowledge to our dear students, it’s also about transforming their lives in a very meaningful way.

President and Founder of Paradise English Boracay, Canada

私はこれからParadise Englishに来る生徒と、Paradise English farmilyにこの機会を利用してほしい。私はたくさんの国で教えた経験と生徒との時間を恩恵と栄誉に思っています。たくさんの生徒が深い洞察力と理解をくれ、彼らの事だけではなく文化を知れたことはとても大きなことです。そして私たちは60ヵ国を超える生徒を受け入れていることを誇りに思っています。


My role is a fulfilling one at Paradise English. I am a mother, a teacher, a friend and a guidance counselor to all our students. It is my goal to make our school a learning haven for all students enrolled and those who choose to join us. I believe that every student that enrolls in our school has great ambition and with the right attitude we can all realise our dreams.


The sun, the beaches, the beauty and culture that Boracay has to offer, mixed with the energy and diversity of our students, and the experience and devotion of our teachers and staff is inspiring to me. Managing the needs of our students, teachers and staff keeps me on my toes and allows me the opportunity to learn from all those I meet and work with. I truly admire the English language achievements of the students I have the privilege of witnessing and hearing firsthand every day, it’s very gratifying to be a part of this Paradise English family and I am sure you will feel the same!

Penelyn “Penny”

Everyone calls me Penny. I’ve been working at Paradise English for 3 years as an administrator and co-ordinator.

My passions are cooking and folk dancing.

I believe that facing the real world will make you a stronger and a better person. Always be the best that you can be.

Froville-Joy Yeban

Everyone calls me Joy and it reflects the real me –joyful. Yes, but I’m strict in many ways. = ). I’m just kidding.

Working at Paradise English as an Admin Assistant since 2013. Is not an easy task, but a challenging one. I enjoy the everyday challenge we, office workers, are facing and learning at the same time too.


I’ve been working as a head cook at Paradise English since 2012.
I love my work as a cook because this is my passion and i love to share what i have learned including recipes from teachers and students .I give my best so that all teachers and students are not just satisfied with what I’ve cooked for them but also love it.

Harly Autencio

I have been working here in Paradise English since 2008. I started to work here as a kitchen helper, I wash all dishes and do everything else that has to be done in the kitchen. I have learned so many things here in this school, I’ve made a lot of friends from different countries. I have learned how to cook and have improved myself.
I like singing and playing basketball. I enjoy my job and I love my job.