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English Summer Camp Philippines Puerta Galera

We are going to Puerta Galera, Mindoro! Same camp – new place!
Come with us for Summer Camp 2018 (July – September)
Due to the Boracay Closure we have decided to move our summer camp and other programs to an exciting new location for the months of July -September.
We will be running our regular camp program and providing our students with the same service and classes we always offer. With the same teachers and curriculum, we are best known for.

Claus and Janeth in Manila hospital

Amazing wake up call!!! 8 Yr old Janeth’s Heart Surgery, PH has reached 100% of its goal.

8 Yr old Janeth's Heart Surgery

Help 8 Yr old Janeth’s Heart Surgery.
Let’s make a difference for this little girl. She needs YOU!
Please share!

Boracay fireworks

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

We still have some spots available for our upcoming Winter Kids Camp, join us with your children or spread the word amongst your friends and family and make your holidays more memorable with Paradise English.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy your English practice examples below:



BlogHow to learn EnglishSimple blog post
by Steve You don't always need text books and English teachers and colleagues around you to learn English fast and have fun. Much of your learning comes from your desire or rather your desire is what drives you to learn and gives you the energy and capacity to learn. This week we are looking at...
ActivityBlogCharitySimple blog post
by Lee Recently the Paradise English teachers and students visited the Ati village in Caticlan, Panay Island to hold a sports day with the children. The Ati people were the first people to call Panay Island home around 25, 000 years ago. Preparation There was lots of preparation prior to the sports day, which included...
BlogHow to learn EnglishSimple blog post
by Lee Have you ever wondered what is the difference between “So” and “Such” and when to use them? The answer is actually very simple. So and such are very similar and have a close meaning to “very” however when using them, the formula is slightly different. When using “SO” the structure is as follows:...
When students come to study English at Paradise English in the Philippines, they not only learn English but also are exposed to the customs and traditions of native English speakers. Paradise English held a traditional English Tea Party with a tropical hint.  Tea Party in the Philippines The essence of the activity is to bring...
BlogHow to learn EnglishSimple blog post
by Elle “I hate music!” is never a normal expression from anyone of different ages or from different countries. Almost everyone I know and have met loves music. Since I was a child I would sing together to songs like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” or “The Wheels on the Bus.” I Love Music I remember...


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Manu from Italy English course review

2 mesi di scuola sono stati meglio che 20 anni in Italia! Best English experience I had, it totally changed my life and my english approach. Full english immersion, many new friends and so much fun. Go for it!

Manu | 20.03.2018
English course review

Boracay is so beautiful, so I think it was a very good choice to come to Boracay and Paradise English is very good and has friendly teachers, good people , delicious food and exciting activities.. 

Joey (Korea) | 18.09.2017

Many thanks to all PE teachers and the whole team from the paradise school of English! It was very fun to improve my English at this school for 2 weeks! Learning from many students from all over the world was a wonderful experience.

Mary | 18.08.2017
English courses feedback Caterina Italy

Really good school and very nice people!

Caterina (Italy) | 08.06.2017

I love everything here except sometimes when the wifi was dead. I felt upset, but my overall impression for the school is very good

Pat (Taiwan) | 22.04.2017

Excellent experience, fantastic teachers, wonderful classmates and an amazing island: learning English in Paradise English is one of the best things I’ve done! Thank you all!

Helen | 18.04.2017