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Office Tel. No. +63 36 288 4544

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The payment can be made in one of these ways:

  1. Bank transfer [There will be an additional charge of $10USD for each transfer].
  2. Cash
  3. Credit Card

General Booking TERMS & CONDITIONS

  1. The first move by a client towards booking a group or individual with PARADISE ENGLISH (PE) is to request a program or number of classes and accommodation choice for a specified time period (arrival and departure to be clearly stated.) PE will then send an email of approval. PE will also specify a cutoff date by which time the reservation will be released if payment is not received. Deadline dates can be extended on request, though PE cannot guarantee to do so. An approval letter does NOT constitute confirmation of booking in any shape or form.
  2. Once a client wishes to go ahead and confirm the reservation, they must put this confirmation in writing CLEARLY stating dates and number in group. All future correspondence will be addressed to the client. (Numbers can be added at a later date subject to availability.) The booking will be confirmed and a contract will then exist, once PE has confirmed the details of the booking by email.
  3. Within two weeks of having confirmed the booking, PE will require a 20% deposit. A message will be emailed for the projected total and the client will be in breach of contract if this payment is not made by the date specified.
  4. The balance will be due four weeks prior to arrival in the Philippines. (In the event of an option being taken out less than four weeks before arrival in the Philippines, a 20% payment will be due as soon as possible on confirmation.)
  5. As stated above, extra numbers can be added to a group at a later date (subject to availability.) This will be confirmed in writing and an email given accordingly; payment will be expected immediately if less than four weeks before arrival.
  6. Should a client have to cancel a booking, it must be done in writing to PE and, once received by us, we will acknowledge this in writing within three working days of receiving the client notification. Cancellation charges are payable as follows: More than 4 weeks before commencement date: Loss of deposit Less than 4 weeks before commencement date: 60% of cost will be charged
  7. PE reserves the right to exclude, expel or refuse any person at any time to any course or activity if, in the opinion of PE, that person is not compatible with the general enjoyment or well being of other clients. In this case, no refund will be given for any unexpired portion of the activity, course or program.
  8. No refund will be given to students of a 4 week Program after they have arrived. If a student chooses to leave or cancel during their study period, a 50% refund of the remaining portion will be given if they have only attended 25% of their study period. A 20% refund of the remaining portion will be given if students have only attended up to 50% of their study period. No refund will be given if a student chooses to leave or cancel after they have attended 50% of their study period. PE reserves the right to repay a partial refund at their discretion if there is a proven medical or family emergency.
  9. No cancellation will be paid or refund given if the cancellation or change by PE is brought about by war or threat of war, strikes, disaster, terrorist activities, quarantine, technical problems with transportation, weather or any other event outside the control of PE.
  10. PE shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any luggage or any person undertaking a program, or any loss, delay or inconvenience, or fatal or other injuries or illness suffered by that person, provided PE has exercised reasonable care.
  11. The details in the PE brochure and outlined in other literature are published in good faith as of January  2014. Activities, travel details, accommodation and host families are subject to change and are dependent on weather, program requirements, and a satisfactory level of participants. PE reserves the right to make any necessary change for any aspect of the program prior to arrival or during the course. Where it is necessary this will at all times be done with the success of the program, and the overall enjoyment by the group(s) concerned, in mind.
  12. Please note that we cannot ever guarantee which rooms and what size of room any students will occupy. We can take requests and will do our utmost to accede to these requests but can make no promises whatsoever.
  13. This contract is made on the terms of these booking conditions which are governed by Philippine Law and both parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the Philippine court at all times.

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