The Intensive (Bildungsurlaub) English Program is an English language learning program accredited by the German Government. It is the fastest way to improve your language skills. The Intensive program is most popular with students who are studying the English Language for employment or academic purposes. Immersing in an English environment, interacting with teachers and multi-cultural classmates makes learning effective and interesting.  Group classes are designed to target language skills and one to one classes allow more time to focus on individual language requirements. Our Intensive (Bildungsurlaub) English Program ensures that you have new challenges and fast results in your English ability.  You will study General English, Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Writing, Topical Conversation and Discussion on Socio-political topics.

PE is the ONLY certified Language school in the Philippines that has been awarded by the German Government to offer the legal Intensive Bildungsurlaub Program.

We offer 1 week and also 2 week courses for 2 years of employment.

The Intensive (Bildungsurlaub) English Program includes:

  • 7 Classes Daily (6 Group Classes and 1 One to One Class)
  • Total of 35 Lessons every week.
  • Classes are taught by Experienced American, Canadian, British, and Filipino Teachers


Paradise English Contact in Germany:

Telephone: +49 06131/4685740 and 06123/705227 Email @

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