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Top Rated English Programs

Paradise English offers several English improvement courses that meet every student’s needs. Experienced native English-speaking teachers conduct the group classes while a dynamic team of Filipino mentors handles the 1:1 classes. All our lessons focus on oral and written expressions as well as listening and reading comprehension. Improve your conversational skills, enrich your vocabulary, and increase your fluency with proper pronunciation. Our multi-level programs set the stage for new challenges and fast results in your English language learning. Because we believe in the uniqueness of each Individual learner, our English courses are flexible and can be customized to your specific needs.

Top Rated Programs



 1 week  2 week  3 week  4 week  Additional
1 week
 Daily: 2 group classes
 1 1:1 class 251 482 691 838 210
 Weekly: 15 classes


 1 week  2 week  3 week  4 week  Additional
1 week
 Daily: 4 group classes
 1 1:1 class 341 653 936 1135 284
 Weekly: 25 classes


 1 week  2 week  3 week  4 week  Additional
1 week
 Daily: 2 group classes
 1 1:1 class 337 647 928 1125 282
 Weekly: 15 classes


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English Course Review

Study in Paradise English was a great experience. Be back here to do my internship is a wonderful opportunity. Thank you for everything!

Andrea (France) | 31.08.2006
English Course Review

I still can’t believe this beautiful place and nice teachers and good people. I never forget great memories!

Rene (Korea) | 15.10.2008
English course review

Ola! I am very happy with my time here. I made many friends and had a great time studying English. I will be back

Victor (Spain) | 18.03.2012
English course review Amy Taiwan

I came here to get a change in my life and study English. Before I came here I was very worried but now that I’ve lived here I’ve had a very good experience and I’m satisfied.

Amy (Taiwan) | 18.05.2012
English Course Review

You’re such awesome. I am going to miss you!

Anja (Switzerland) | 11.02.2013
English courses review Joe China

I had a very good experience at Paradise English. My homestay family were very kind and accom-modating. I met many students and teachers from other countries. I participated in many activi-ties and had many chances to practice my English . Thank You Paradise English.

Joe (China) | 18.07.2013
English Course Review

I enjoyed studying in Paradise English School. Thank you for the nice time. 🙂

Marina (Switzerland) | 05.05.2014
English course review

Thank you very much to all PE teachers and the whole team from paradise english school! It was a lot of fun to improve my english at this school for 2 weeks! To study with many students from everywhere around the world was a wonderful expirience.

Sabine (Germany) | 05.12.2014
English Course Review

Paradise English! Study with the Best.. Sure? Yes! It is true. The teachers are very good & I think maybe the best! I love Paradise English. Thank you.

Sera (Korea) | 02.04.2015
English course review

I enjoyed the place and the school!

Rafael (Spain) | 28.06.2015